I’m a (+) vibe performer

My Rhythm & Roots  are my Style

That you may feel what U hear, and that my intentions may tickle your Senses


As a matter of fact I happen to belief that in Sound (on a recording),

the Energy of that specific moment is captured. So not only do you consciously hear what the musicians played, but also do you (mostly unconsciously) get a vibe from that recording moment. Think about the magical interaction (at different levels) of players that perform a piece together at the same moment/take!

This = one of the main reasons, that I mostly prefer a rough, and raw take!!!!!!!!

“I like to meet with the man who did the job”

Maybe some technical errors, bloopers or whatever mistakes are audible, but the real moment and personal touches and experiences are there!

Too extreme edited recordings often miss that kosher, honest information, in my opinion.

They easily transfer into “cold soundin” puzzle pieces.

Different recordings can be produced for different  purpuses....I do agree!

For dancefloor-tunes,  perfect (sequenced based) edits can be the bomb!

Still, I like to stride for the concept of (+) expressionism !! (:

I’m not at all saying, that every recording should be like a “live” concert registration.

But at least, musical data (with all it’s layers of information) should be treated & produced & approached with the knowledge that the material captures communicatable information that makes the specific recording rich and worth experiencing

(don’t limit this full range of information too much all the time)

                    YOU Rhythm & Roots Souldiers on Screen!!!

Check my positive Notes and Tones, and let your Moods, swing to the (+)



                                                    (*) Thought about making music as a team - thang:

Music can function as a great instrument of socialization/teambuilding. Playing together helps to restore the communication between persons (now players ). If players do not inter-act, music sounds like “trash”. If the people involved make the change to positive involvement (showing appreciation for themselves and the others), music starts to function as social glue. The  communal goal of making a dynamic presentation washes away all kinds of negative  pre-assumptions (own musical imperfection etc) and give room for a good self esteem (individual and goup wise)

The positive impact  of Getting thrilled by your own communal performance, is amazing. After a session, all “team players” feel good and satisfied.  This has definitely effect on how this people further reflect on themselves and their collega’s, partners, friends etc.!

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